Master List of Trunk Items (Objects, Cards, Books)

This is the master list of trunk items, of the objects, chocolate frog cards and books you can collect in Pottermore. Each item is also accompanied by the descriptive text it popped up with when it was first collected.

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Alarm Clock
Salt and Pepper Pots
Postcard from London
Hammer and Nails
Sea Shell
Slimy Seaweed
Old Cup
Shopping List
Vault Key
Glass Vials
Brass Telescope
Brass Scales
Prefect Badge
Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Beans
Rock Cake
Golden Snitch
Wizard’s Chess Set
Dragon Egg
Winged Key

Chocolate Frog Cards
Albus Dumbledore
  Considered by many the greatest wizard of modern times, Professor Dumbledore is particularly famous for his defeat of the Dark wizard Grindelwald in 1945, for the discovery of the twelve uses of dragon’s blood and his work on alchemy with his partner, Nicholas Flamel.

  Also known as Morgan le Fay, Morgana was a Dark sorceress who was King Arthur’s half sister and an enemy of Merlin.

  Circe was an ancient Greek who lived on the island of Aeaea and was an expert at turning lost sailors in to pigs.

  Paracelsus was a renowned sixteenth-century physician, alchemist, and surgeon.

Salazar Slytherin
  Salazar Slytherin was the founder of Slytherin house at Hogwarts. He was one of the first recorded Parselmouths, an accomplished Legilimens, and a notorious champion of pure-blood supremacy.

Hengist of Woodcroft
  Driven away from his home by Muggle persecutors, Hengist is supposed to have settled in Scotland, where he founded the village of Hogsmeade. The Three Broomsticks inn is alleged to be Hengist’s old home.

  Merlin is the most famous wizard of all time. He is sometimes known as the Prince of Enchanters and was part of the Court of King Arthur.

Helga Hufflepuff
  Loyal and charming, Helga Hufflepuff was the founder of Hufflepuff house at Hogwarts. She was particularly famous for her dexterity at food-related charms.

Rowena Ravenclaw
  Rowena Ravenclaw was the founder of Ravenclaw house at Hogwarts. Beautiful and intelligent, she was the most brilliant witch of her time.

  Irish druidess, Cliodna, was a remarkable witch who discovered the magical properties of moondew.

Godric Gryffindor
  Godric Gryffindor was the founder of Gryffindor house at Hogwarts and the first owner of the celebrated Sorting Hat. He was the most accomplished dueller of his time and an enlightened fighter against Muggle discrimination.

A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration
A History of Magic
One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi
Magical Theory
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them diagon

Hogwarts: A History
  This book is rich with detail about the history of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Quidditch through The Ages
  Written by Kennilworthy Whisp, this book contains everything you need to know about the history and rules of this popular sport.

A Study of Recent Developments in Wizardry
  Feed your mind with the latest developments in wizardry with this in-depth study.

Important Modern Magical Discoveries
  Just like the name suggests, this book is all about the most important magical discoveries of modern times.

Great Wizards of the Twentieth Century
  This book lists many of the great wizards of the twentieth century.

Notable Magical Names of Our Time
  This book lists the most prominent wizards of our time.

Dragon Species of Great Britain and Ireland
  This spectacular book lists all of the wild dragons living in Britain and Ireland today, from the Common Welsh Green to Hebridean Blacks.

Modern Magical History
  Catch up on the latest goblin rebellions, peasant uprisings and magical discoveries with this amazing book.

From Egg to Inferno, A Dragon Keeper’s Guide
  This book contains everything you need to know about breeding dragons, but never taming them, that is far too dangerous.

Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit
  Tried and tested tips to help you breed dragons, including brandy and chicken blood every half hour for newly-hatched chicks.